Saturday, February 18, 2012

An update on the 'less than appealing' fabric giveaway.

We wouldn't want it to feel badly about itself so I guess we really shouldn't call it 'ugly'! I have no time to learn new things about the random number generator and there were few enough entries that I used a little random generator of my own. I put slips of paper with the names on them in a basket and let the resident 3 year old pull one from the pile. Trust me, you can't get more random than an energetic 3 year old! So here's the scoop.

Joan won the panel of kite flying children. I hope it brings you many hours of free motion fun! Remember, stock up on needles and clean out the lint before you start!

Chiska won the bird/owl fabric. I hope you find a wonderful use for these happy little birds on royal blue.

Thanks for playing everyone. Should these ladies not contact me within a week I may just draw again!

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