Thursday, February 16, 2012

busy days, late nights, no time in the sewing room...

All that leaves just a little time in the evening for some tangling to work out the kinks from each day. So I had time for the Diva's challenge of the week and another tangle and some working on a new pattern (to me anyway - I almost remember seeing this one somewhere else but I can't find it now). The twisted ladder/chain thing comes together very neatly and evolves in cool ways from just drawing box Z shapes over and over... it is a little hypnotic. I suppose the right word is 'Zen'. I would like to do it enough that I can learn to control it's evolution and direction a bit more. Here is the diamond pattern for the challenge this week. Too bad I didn't turn in the other way on the page so I wouldn't run out of space. Ah well, no mistakes right?

I was so inspired by all the Sanibelle from the challenge last week and decided to try some of the new things I saw. I thought I liked Sanibelle before... the 'tame' way I do it but it really comes alive with a little more curve and some extra lines! This was a celebration of that and an excuse to use the new one and try out some other variations. Groovy even slipped into this one!

Thanks for stopping by! If you are a quilter-reader... I do still sew, I promise!  My sewing room is in part of my 11 year old's room so there is no sewing after about 9pm and he really frowns on me hanging out up there while he tries to do homework! I should just reclaim the dining room (since there has been an outdoor playground structure in there for the last 9 years!) and move the sewing stuff in there. The kids don't use the playground much anymore... Sigh, I would have to keep the sewing things a bit neater  since it is open to the rest of the house. Ahh, always some bad to temper the good! Have a great week


  1. I am not surprised that you are a quilter. Your diamond challenge piece looks like a quilt! There is so much beauty in that small package!

    1. Oh and I love the patterns you used in your second piece. I will have to try some of them. I see coil, sanibelle, oh and there is groovy. At the moment I cannot recall all the patterns names but wow!

  2. You could always put the 11-year-old in the dining room and steal his room for your sewing room again. :)

  3. I like your work, The sanibelle in different directions, nice.
    Greetings from holland!

  4. Fabulous job on both pieces. I think they turned out great. :)

  5. These are both stunning! I love the tangles you used to divide the diamonds, and every one of your tangles is beautifully done. I 'specially love the lines you've used sparingly in your top diamond with bales. Love the linear feel of the first zentangle, and the curvy feel in the second. LOVELY!

  6. Love the sanibelle the way you did it, beautiful! And the way you used the border patterns to divide the whole thing it flows very nicely.