Thursday, August 16, 2012

One old friend, one new adversary...

This week's Diva Challenge was to use Mooka and Assunta together. Mooka is an old friend, I like it and use it often, although I don't always know how to shade it to the best effect. Assunta I had never tried. It had never really appealed to me. As a result of never having done it before it was a little more difficult to execute which makes it less fun to do. I find I either like drawing patterns that have no grid pattern, or a fairly obvious one, it doesn't have to be straight and it doesn't have to show up in the final pattern, it just has to be pretty clear to begin with. Assunta is challenging as it does not fall into these categories. Even when I used the guide marks as the breakdown shows I had a hard time keeping things regular. SO, in all it was a good challenge as it took me away from the ever tempting comfort zone. Here is the result.

Good gracious, I scanned it upside down and forgot to turn it... oh well. The 'beads' clustering inside Mooka make more visual sense when it is rotated 180 degrees - then it looks like they have rolled to the 'bottom'. I did find it interesting that the inside shapes of Assunta (colored black) make a Cadent-like shape.

Not related tot he challenge, but something else I came up with this week...I had an hour long committee meeting the other night for which I was largely an observer. I found an old penciled Jacob's Ladder pattern done with a compass in my sketch book and decided to fill that with tangles while I listened to the proceedings. This was my result. It is not totally symmetrical but I like it - especially the Verve and Betweed parts.

I hope you had a mind expanding week, either through Zentangle or some other experience, and that you have another great one ahead of you.

By the way... The Diva also has a very cool drawing going on right now for a "Blog Friendship Cup". If you want the whole story check it out here. Basically, she received a pretty decorative cup filled with little goodies from another blogger, altered the appearance of the cup a little, refilled it with goodies and is looking for a fellow blogger to send it on to so he or she can repeat the process. If you are interested in being in on this 'share the love' bloggie experience check out Laura's post about it and read the rules and sign yourself up!


  1. Your mandala is gorgeous! I find meetings often provide me with time to think & doodle too :)

  2. Your challenge piece is lovely..especially like how you have sprinkled the beads in the mooka. And that mandala is a real wow. Your linework is amazing. Nice post!

  3. Lovely, I especially like your Zendala! Assunta is a challenging tangle but you've done it justice.

  4. Your assunta looks really nice. And your zendala is really special. Great line work.

  5. Love the red and black, the lines show the beauty of both patterns!