Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WorkS in progress

Good Wednesday! I thought I might take the WIP Wednesday opportunity to have a little reckoning with myself. See, I have quite a few "works in progress", not even counting the ones that have achieved UFO status (like they are still in little pieces). I also went through and filled out my calendar last evening with all of the meetings, classes (both to be taught by me and ones I have to tote children to), other volunteering obligations and appointments for the coming months and have come to the (not so shocking but disappointing never-the-less) revelation that there will be little time to piece or quilt. There are a few things I would like to submit for consideration in the local quilt show but they have to actually be, you know, QUILTED! The deadline is in March... at least one of them is still in unfinished top form, the others don't have backings yet and I am a notorious procrastinator when it comes to actual quilting. So here we go... my current WIP's that have a shadow of a chance of being worked on and finished inside of 6 months.

This is a sweet little wall hanging using a pattern and a technique by Erin Russek. I actually quilted this one in early summer but just bound it a couple of weeks ago. The hanging sleeve needs to be hand stitched down on one edge and it will be DONE! If there is a wall hanging category I might submit this one.

MODA Modern Workshop jellyroll quilt. This one was started late winter/spring of 2011 with a jellyroll and a charm pack and a little more ambition than time allowed for. I designed the border using the flower motif in the fabric line and spent the first summer hand appliqueing the long borders and this past summer doing the short ones (both of which, ironically, have the same number of repeats in them). This one needs a back (see DWM post from two days ago) and to be quilted and is one that I want to submit to the show.

This New York Beauty top still needs some bordering or something to finish it off. I would love to submit this one to the show but it needs work and to decide if it is a large wall hanging or something else.

This is a watercolor wreath that I did some applique ribbon accents on and bordered using a few rounds of a coordinating border print. I got a might carried away with the trapunto stuffing of the ribbon and the detailed quilting so it is taking forever to finish. I just want this one done by the holidays... it has been embarrassingly long time in the making.

The last one is my crumb quilt that would be such a great addition to the show that I just can't NOT finish it. The show's theme this time is about making do with what you have and all the fabrics in this one were scraps or already in the stash - some of them decades old - a perfect fit for the theme.  It needs a back and to be quilted.

So, clearly I have some work cut out for me. Of course there is lots more as well... most of it looks something like this...

I may take some time to prep another applique bird block so I have something to work on while waiting at kid lessons, but I think the rest of these will languish a while longer, along with the other three or four (dozen) I have stashed away in drawers. So many quilts and only one lifetime!

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  1. What beautiful, beautiful works here! I just adore Erin Russek's designs and am collecting fabrics to make "My Tweets". You did a fabulous job with the wall hanging. Gorgeous applique work.