Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby steps toward my goals...

OK, so here we are, second WIP Wednesday of 2012, a have set some goals through my Finish Along participation and there are the challenges I want to participate in as well... how am I doing?

Well, the backing that was up on the design wall on Monday has seen progress. It is, in fact two seams away from being finished and WILL be by the time I leave the house this morning. It changed up a bit from Monday... but that is what design decisions are all about right? It came out better than I expected it to when looking at the wall at the beginning of the week...

It still has its issues with the odd and unsettling distribution of the light cream fabric... but you do what you can with what you have. There is another large piece of fabric I intended to use that is slightly darker in value but it has eluded my every attempt to find it
 The Christmas Wreath I swore would be finished by the new year is layered, spray basted and ready to quilt. Here it is, rolled and ready to go under the needle as soon as I have more than a 30 minute block of time to do something with it and feel like setting the machine up for quilting instead of piecing.

Further projects that are underway include my crumb quilt which is getting border sections pieced leader/ender style while I have been piecing the backing mentioned above, the current week's Zentangle challenge which I worked on last night and will finish this afternoon during dance class and the applique borders for my Modern Workshop quilt some of you may remember from last spring which I have been working on in odd moments in front of the TV (like when I don't have laundry to fold, so seldom)
remember this one? I am about half way through the third border now!

So, the WIP list...
First quarter FAL goal projects:
Hearts of Gold - border block pile is getting larger
Winters Winning Hand - backing nearly done
Christmas Wreath - layered and rolled and ready to go
String Charity quilt - no progress

bonus progress:
Modern Workshop applique is advancing
Zentangle weekly challenge will be finished today
I worked on tangling on the box I carry my zentangle supplies in last night!

For more works in progress follow the button on the sidebar over to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

After: the light cream replaced by slightly darker tan.
OK, the backing is done... it does not look exactly like it did in the above photo because... as I was sewing on the last piece of that cream fabric that was bugging me so much I thought of one last place to look for that fabric that I was SUPPOSED to use on the back of this quilt. Good news, bad news... I found it. Because I found it I was obligated to replace all the cream... good that I found it (it was making me crazy that I could not locate it) and bad that I spent an additional 1.5 hours ripping and resewing. I think it looks better (the brown could be a touch warmer, but I didn't have the gingerbread fabric when I picked this out) and I am glad that I did it, but ugh, I hate doing stuff like that. Now I will have plenty of that same fabric to make binding with so I guess it is all good.

And this is just so you can see the little gingerbread guys better, they are almost, but not quite as cute as the snowmen.Too bad they were not printed straight on the fabric. That is the new tan fabric on the left... I thought it looked like snowballs when I bought it.

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  1. I love your border on your crumb quilt. And your colors on your top pic.