Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Finish"... my new mantra...

I have perusing various blogs who are sponsoring UFO Challenges and Finsh-Alongs trying to decide if any of them are the kind of thing I think would encourage me to finish things this year. I was cleaning in the sewing room a few weeks ago and came across a legal pad with one piece of paper left and could imagine why I had kept one sheet of paper. It had a list, made long ago, of all of my unfinished projects at the time. Not much had changed, except for the list getting longer. How embarrassing, how depressing! Here is that amended list. Only a few things have been removed, most notably this quilt and a lot have been added!

Hearts of Gold crumb quilt 2011- needs borders
Modern Workshop jelly roll quilt 2011- needs applique borders finished
My Tweets applique quilt 2011- needs more blocks
Winter's Winning Hand top 64x52 2005 working on the backing now
Christmas Watercolor Wreath 2004 - layered and ready for quilting
Tulip Winning Hand top 39x39 2005
Hidden Wells top 1998
54:40 or Fight top 1999
Swapped Dresden Plate top 1999
Double Irish Chain top 90x110 1998
Shoe Makers Puzzle top 2000
Round Robin Book Case top 2000
Spring Rain Planet Patchwork Mystery top 2007
Confetti Stars top 2007
Quilt Interrupted Safari 2006
LQS BOM 2000 quilted, needs more quilting
LQS BOM 2001 Batik top queen size
LQS BOM 2001 my colorway - needs Broderie Perse finished on center medallion
LQS BOM 2002 Garden Flowers nearly finished
LQS BOM 2003 30's repro - have blocks and finishing kit
Jacob's Ladder floral, 2 color 56x56 2006
Waste HST quilt 2003
Yellow and Black roses medallion ????
One Block Wonder Fishes 2009
Spring Basket Wall Hanging medallion from long ago, worked on borders 2011
Bright Flowers applique 2011
Celtic knot medallion for wall hanging 2010
more I am not remembering right now I am sure...

Charity Quilts (most of these are complete with backings made already)
Bloomin' Buds
boys string sports quilt
pastel jewel box
jacobs ladder
3seam miracle block quilt
watermellon picnic quilt

I think I will chose one charity top and one or two other projects to complete in each quarter of this year and 'finish along' with the ladies over at Quilting in the Gap. For the first quarter of this year...

Hearts of Gold crumb quilt 2011- middle is done, it needs borders - most recent photo - sorry

Winter's Winning Hand top 64x52 2005 working on the backing now
Christmas Watercolor Wreath 2004 - layered and ready for quilting
boys string sports charity quilt
These WILL be finished, maybe more if I get ambitious!


  1. You go girl! I have TEN quilt tops waiting to be quilted..TEN. It's pitiful, really. Handquilting full size quilts is real time consuming, so...
    Good luck getting it done!!

  2. That seems like a doable group. Of course I don't know your life so that is an easy statement for me to make. I will enjoy watching your progress. Thanks for linking up.

  3. That is a long list, but I think mine is just as long. I have been trying to decide this week just how much I think I can complete of my UFO's and still be happy working with new things. I think for all of us there are so many beautiful fabrics and patterns and we just want to do them all! I've decided not to worry and just enjoy the process, you too!