Monday, January 23, 2012

Picking Up Tweets again...

No, I am not talking about electronic communication - like anyone wants to know what I had for breakfast or how long the ENT had me on hold (although I will tell you that I organized the plastic-ware cabinet while I waited)! I am coming back around to work on the My Tweets 2011 BOM from Erin Russek again. I got a block behind over the summer and never really recovered. Back when I began last year I thought that I would likely only end up doing 9 of the 12 and not doing the center block, although it is lovely. Then February's block took a color turn I ended up not liking - my color choices, not hers. Then I was not super fond of a couple of the patterns in the fall and was about out of my Kona background fabric and I just let it drift for a while. Well, last week's winter sale inspired me to buy more of the background and I have browsed the patterns and decided on three more to make to arrive at 9 blocks - plus the Feb block that doesn't quite fit with the rest. Now I need to decide on colors! This is the hardest part.

My scheme is as follows... all bird bodies are a brown/tan, the wings and under-wing parts are two shades of a color and the 5 tail feathers are the same two colors plus a lighter brown/tan than the bird body. The flowers are whatever goes with the bird color. These are two of the set of 6 I have so far...

 I have two blocks with blue as the bird color, one with red, one with purple, one with teal and one with orange. This block's bird will be dark purple. My quandry right now is what color to make the flowers. They have three outer petals of one color and two inner petals of another and a center - which could be green now that I look at it. The berries will be a darkish burgundy to match the intensity of the dark purple and dark brown I am using for the wings and bodies respectively. Neither the pink and blue or the pink and yellow combo is grabbing me... and I am not sure the pink goes with the deep red either, although it does go with the purples and lightens things up a bit. I think I like the yellow inner petals, but maybe I need a totally different color for the outer petals? Something of a medium value, that coordinates with the yellow/gold and deep red and purple. Back to the color wheel! Any suggestions? And should the green be a schootch darker?

To see what other quilters are up to and what other design problems tax their creative minds hop over to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times. Have a great week - mine will be busy!


  1. With the colours you have there, I would do the petals of the flowers in different shades of yellow/gold. Picture a pansy with purple and yellow. And I think purple and yellow are across from each other on the colour wheel. You fabric choices for your blocks are lovely. I just picked up my block 7 and started back in on it.

  2. I have thought about doing this one and after seeing your color choices I think I'm liking it more. Very beautiful. I'll be watching you progress. I'm following so I can not forget

  3. Sweet! Very Pennsylvania Dutch! Glad you've picked this up again!

  4. I love Erin's BOM. I am currently trying to finish mine as well. I know the feeling about getting a little behind and then never catching up. I can't wait to see more of your progress. Keep sharing!