Saturday, January 21, 2012

Purple Challenge

So I have been a bit off my game with my tangling... I have started many but been unhappy with the outcome and set them aside to start others. In addition I have been working on covering the box that I got as a gift from my son. It is the perfect size to hold pens, pencils, etc and my small notebook that I am working in. Eventually I think it will hold my watercolor friendly pad and my dry water colors as well. So I have one side and the top complete and have begun the other side. Unknowingly, I met the color challenge with this box before I ever found out what the challenge was!

 See there, I always think of Purk as purple... not sure why.

These are the sides of the box:

And this is a photo of  the whole box. I still have the back and handle side of the box and half of one side. I will likely do the bottom as well. I suppose when I am done I will spray it in clear sealant to keep it from getting too grubby and smudging the pencil shading.  Then I have two magazine holder boxes in white card board I plan to cover in tangles also. 

This is another response to the challenge I started, but I think it needs something more (like maybe the penciled in tangle in the upper right... not sure). I am beginning a very busy week for me so I am not sure I will finish it in time for the Sunday deadline... so you get to see it in-process. I actually started this one several times and kept not hitting on just the right combination of tangles and ending up disappointed. This one I am happy with so far... if only I could remember the name of the pattern down the middle!

Have a great week and head over to the Weekly Challenge at The Diva to see others' purple inspirations.


  1. These are gorgeous and I love your box. Beautifully done!

  2. Both are lovely. Your box is amazing, a real keepsake.

  3. Both are great - but the box is really cool!

  4. WOW. Your box is gorgeous! And I love the one down below, as well. The tangle going down the middle is a version of Flux, I think. Maria usually fills in the negative space with orbs. I like that look (when it's done with orbs), but I think that filling it solid as you have done looks quite striking and it really strengthens your composition.

    About the upper right area...I think a more fluid tangle based on circles or curves might be a better choice to finish it, rather than the one you have penciled in. The straight lines and angle are jarring to me, given how organic the rest of the tangle is. Just my opinion, and I hope it's not didn't ask for it. Obviously, you know what you're doing and whatever you choose is the right choice! :-)
    ~Amy in TN