Wednesday, June 4, 2014

This week's tangle efforts

I got so excited last week to be using my dad's drafting templates for the Diva's circle challenge that I used the oval template to make a string for another one...

Not all the sections of this one worked out as well as I had hoped, but overall I like the effect. I will have to use these templates more. I started another with a large circle when I got Linda Farmer's email with the link to the instructions for the new tangle Tropicana which I love. I had a few ideas for finishing this one off, but in the end just left the areas blank because I liked them that way too.
Then the Adele Bruno's String Thing Challenge (#43) was published on Tuesday and the string was very much like the circle string I had just done only with a squarish focus! This string worked so nicely with the tangles she suggested. This is a bold and graphic piece and I like it and I will use the string again. I worked Hollibaugh into the string itself and Huggins and Hypnotic and a little suggestion of Hibred. I did learn the value of just the right pencil... I was not wild about the waxy one I ended up with but I didn't have any of my "real" drawing pencils. I need to dig out a conte and see if I can smooth some of the shading out as it really shows up rough in the scan.

I have less than a week before classes begin and I am trying to squeeze as much 'relaxing' as I can before then. I hope to get a new pen or two and do more tangling this week. Maybe I will be posting again! Until then I will leave you with one I ran across by accident, a monotangle with Ansu, a scribble I did on a plain piece of typing paper one night and shoved in a book at the side of my bed...

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  1. I don't know wich one is the beautifullest. All of theme are Lovely. Compliments.